Simple Search – Sketch


You never know how a simple interaction can have so much complexity until you get hands on with actually designing it. I was looking for a new design task when I got distracted with the iOS 11 update. The highlight of the update for me is the new social integration in Apple Music and the newsfeed in the App Store.

While playing around with redesigned iOS 11 apps, I noticed how almost all of these apps have Search screens so simple and scalable yet complex enough to provide enough opportunity to learn a thing or two even if one was to simply recreate the designs.

When I got into actually designing these, I got stuck so many times at small things that I couldn’t have noticed by just screen staring (Learning of the day – “learn by doing”).

Also, there has been a lot of online batter lately about how the new iOS UI is so inconsistent across different apps. So, I decided to start with iOS 11 mocks from Apple and see things for myself. Spacings, Font Line heights, Glyph alignment at certain places didn’t really made sense to me (It’s just me failing once again to understand great UI design), so I modified the designs as per my taste. The above designs are not pure replication of the iOS designs but contain variations at a micro level.


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